Health & Safety

The Tangle Tamers team works to UK health and safety requirements. In particular we aim to always satisfy the requirements of the CDM Construction (Design And Management) Regulations and the Electricity at Work Regulations, as well as the various other regulations and guidance that are applicable. Download links to some of the more useful guidance and legislation are provided on the links page

We provide task-specific risk assessments and method statements. We work with your site Health and Safety Management and with your site Security team to understand and obey your site regulations and rules. We work under your site permit-to-work system in accordance with your requirements.

We use modern, calibrated test instruments and equipment suitable for the tasks we do. Copies of calibration certificates are available upon request, and are provided with our final reports. Our team are highly qualified, and copies of qualification certificates are available upon request.

We operate formal isolation procedures with full lock and tag methods. If your site H&S Management requires it, we are happy to work alongside your Competent Persons or Authorised Persons during isolations and energising procedures.

We co-operate with management and users to avoid isolations that would interrupt business, and are happy, for example, to work out of hours where necessary for the site’s business. Electrical inspection and test, diagnosis and fault finding generally does require some “live working” (exposure to live conductors) for parts of the testing work, particularly where a facility is operational and must be kept running for business-critical activities. In this, we also minimise exposure to live conductors throughout by using modern working methods, including barriers around work areas, signage, insulating mats, shrouds, insulated tools and equipment, and so forth.

We are pleased to discuss your requirements for managing a job safely – please contact us to discuss your needs.